Faith and Doubt

When In Doubt

 Faith and DoubtYou are on your journey, got your priorities straight and ready to make a move and DO something…..THEN!  Doubt rears its ugly head and causes you to start to DOUBT what God had told you to do.  You are not alone, in fact you are quite normal and facing the very same things that most Christians face…..even Gideon encountered this.  Does this make you a failure?  Does this mean you dropped the ball?  Does this mean that you have now disappointed God?  These questions can plague you and drive you insane if you let it.  Satan’s plan is to cause you to Doubt God and miss what He has for you.  Gideon talked with God, got his priorities in line and began to do what God told him to do…then he needed confirmation…or, he doubted.  This is when Gideon and God had the back and forth to confirm God’s instructions.  You are God’s Son or Daughter and He desires you to be honest with Him and even if you have DOUBTS…..get honest with God.  But remember He expects us to also be faithful with what we already have.  Train yourself to recognize Doubt and move through it quickly,  

 Read over these Bible verses Monday through Friday. You can read as many of the verses as you would like to each day. The questions that follow will guide you through as you ask God to show you His plan for your life. Any questions? Just message us on Facebook. Finish up your week with the video we will post each Friday. We’ve got your whole week covered!


Judges 6:36-40     James 1:1-8     Matthew14:22-33     Mark 11:20-26

DOUBT?     Do you have areas in your life where you allow doubt to hold you back and keep you in check?  What can you do to get freedom from this doubt?  What is stopping you?

TRUST?     Does your doubt reveal your lack of trust in God?  Why? or Why not?  When you move through doubt you begin to conquer doubt…Sometimes you have to take steps to show you are being faithful.  What has God given to you or shown you already that you can begin to grow beyond doubt?   

BELIEF?     Even the disciples had their struggles with doubt….which in turn affected their beliefs.   How does you doubt affect your belief and unbelief?  Do you see a direct relationship between doubt and unbelief?  Doubt will bring your prayer life down quickly!   How can you pray without doubting what God is saying or where He is leading?

Bonus:  Please let us know your thoughts, struggles, questions and comments so we can pray for you more effectively.  We are here for you to help you navigate through the sea of doubts that you may have found yourself in.  Let us know.


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