NO Turning Back!


Looking back at life and reflecting for the purpose of moving forward is always a good thing. We can learn valuable lessons, avoid dangerous situations, not making the same mistake twice and on and on it goes. The saying “history repeats itself,” seems to be a good thing at times and sometimes it can bring disastrous results if we don’t learn lessons from past mistakes or sins. Last week you read the account of Gideon where God did some pretty crazy things with Gideon’s army and took them from 32,000 down to 300. God did this so that Israel would not be tempted to take the Glory for themselves and not give God the credit. Glory is for God and only Him. Now remember how Gideon got started with God….his first act of “Valor” was to go after the idols of Israel and cut them down. Gideon acted with courage and obedience for God. BUT…..don’t you hate it when ther is a “But?” Gideon made a crucial mistake and turned back to what got Israel in trouble in the first place. Let’s see if we can learn from the past or history and NOT let history repeat itself in your lives.


Judges 8:22-27     Judges 8:33-35     II Peter 2:17-22     Philippians 3:1-21 (focus on 12-16)  

Read over these Bible verses Monday through Friday. You can read as many of the verses as you would like to each day. The questions that follow will guide you through as you ask God to show you His plan for your life. Any questions? Just message us on Facebook. Finish up your week with the video we will post each Friday. We’ve got your whole week covered!

  1. Have you found yourself repeating habits that reap destruction in your life? Why do you think you do this? How can you stop from repeating past mistakes?
  2. Keep your guard up at all times! What can you do to make sure that you stay on guard against the temptations that satan will come at you with?
  3. Pig or Dog? We don’t have to live like this. What areas do you need to let go and never return back to?
  4. Staying on target will help you stay focused and purposeful in your journey. Paul said to forget what was behind and focus on what lies ahead. What lies ahead for you and God?

Let us know how these Devos are helping you and what you need prayer for. We can’t help if we don’t know. Have a great week!

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